New instructions due to COVID-19

New instructions for school transportation due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Our school board is dedicated to continue to provide a high quality transport service. Rest assured that we meet all of the Ontario provinvicial guidelines and that we consult regional health units. Safety remains, as always, our priority.

Some changes are in place for this year's back to school:

  1. Wearing a mask is mandatory for all students, from junior kindergarten to grade 12.
  2. Busses will be cleaned and surfaces most frequently to be touched will be disinfected after each trip.
  3. Proper hand washing or sanitation will be mandatory prior to leaving the house in the morning and leaving school in the afternoon.
  4. The seat located behind the driver will remain unoccupied at all times in order to respect social distancing.
  5. When necessary, bus drivers will wear the proper protection apparel (such as a non medical mask and a visor).
  6. At all times, bus monitors will wear the proper protection equipment (such as a non medical mask and a visor).
  7. Students will have assigned seating in the bus to facilitate contact tracing, if required. Siblings will need to sit together.

Any student with COVID-19 symptoms must refrain from boarding the bus or going to school. Should a student develop symptoms during the day, he or she will be sent home.

We strongly encourage:

  1. Parents to drive their child to a safe location near the school to help reduce traffic at the school;
  2. Students to choose an active travelling method (such a walking or cycling) to get to school.
Safety measures will be in place in the school yards to help greet walking students as well as those arriving by bus.