Language of communication

Other that English, all courses are taught in French. French is also the language of communication within our schools and with the parents. It is our way to create a francophone environment for students. It contributes to their sense of belonging to the French Catholic community.

Participating in your child’s school experience, in French

In order to help your child develop a sense of belonging at his or her French-language school, we strive to welcome and support all non-francophone parents. To help facilitate communication with the school and to support your child, here are some tools and strategies that can be useful. Your commitment is key to your child’s success.

  • Identify a parent or friend who agrees to help you translate and better understand the documentation received from the school (buddy system).
  • Use your child’s after school homework program, if available.
  • Take advantage of Eureka!, a program which provides support for your child at home.
  • Online translators, such as Google and DeepL, allow you to paste text or upload a document for translation between multiple languages.
  • In addition to offering text translation, Microsoft can translate conversations across devices, for one-on-one chats and for larger group interactions.

If you have any questions or would like more details about a communication you receive at home, your are more than welcome to contact your child’s teacher, the school’s secretary or the principal. It will be our pleasure to assist you.